Making Your Truck Look Great And Keeping It Running Better

Whether you drive a small truck or a big one, at the end of the day, you want your truck to drive great, look good going down the road, and fit your needs. The best way to cover all those bases is to visit a truck service and repair shop that sells accessories and parts for your truck. For a big truck, like a tractor trailer, a truck stop with a service center is a good choice, but for smaller trucks, a visit to the local auto parts store might be all you need.

What To Do When You Buy A Car With A Completely Unknown History

Sometimes you need a car badly enough and you may make hasty decisions. If the car runs well, has lower mileage than what you are looking for, and is the right price, you may see it as a good buy. The possible issues may only set in only after you become the official owner of the vehicle. There can be big problems when you purchase a vehicle that has no service records at all that you can pull immediately.

Transmission Leaks: Why They Happen And What To Do When You Have One

If you happen to spot a puddle of fluid under your car after it has been parked for a while, try to determine the color of it if you can. A puddle under the car isn't always a sign of trouble since water will drip out of your air conditioner under normal circumstances. However, that water is clear. If the fluid you see is brown or red, it might be transmission fluid.